Pat Usher


Attaining a Realtor license is a highly professional program combining numerous hours of classroom study and comparable onsite working experience under the guidance and tutelage of a licensed Real Estate Broker.

The program begins with sixty hours of intense classroom study in Reality regulation and state laws the govern the sale of property. Upon completion you apply for acceptance into the National Association of Realtors (NAR), to become an affiliate Realtor.

Attaining a Brokers license requires thirty hours of classroom study before you can sit for the State Realtor examination. Once this is passed an additional 250 hours of study relating to Reality law and professional ethics must be completed. Once the license is attained ethics classes are required every other year to insure compliance with the latest Reality rules and regulations.

Having over 20yrs. experience in the the Real Estate profession, I have served as the President of the Crossville Association of Realtors, Secretary for the Principal Brokers Board, Chairperson of the Reality Grievance Committee and Chairperson for the Multi-listing publication.

PlateauGmac Reality, a subdivision of the General Motors Corporation, had awarded me the prestigious Diamond award for continuing performance.

In 1995 I attained the position of Principal Broker Agent of Prudential Plateau Realty on Peavine Rd. Since then we had accomplished a two-fold increase in our annual sales revenue.

Now joining forces with Century 21 Fountain I expect to continue this excellent record of service.


Real Estate Credentials